Possibly the only silver lining to a warming climate

Spend some time browsing a wine aisle and you’ll come across famous wine growing regions like Champagne, Napa Valley, Bordeaux or Rioja. Chances are, however, you won’t easily spot an English wine. That’s all set to change, as a warming climate is creating ideal growing conditions for grapevines in southern England. Recent years have seen winemakers emerging across the country, winning international awards and proudly placing England on the world map of fine wines.

The Origins of English Wine

Winemaking in England has had a surprisingly long history, dating back to the Romans who first introduced wine grapes on the island in 50AD. The practice…

Why craft chocolate hasn’t taken over the German capital…yet

Located in the heart of Europe lies the multicultural metropolis of Berlin. Only a few cities have experienced as many profound changes within such a short period of history as the German capital. Home to a population of nearly four million, the city today thrives on the diversity of its people, each as unique as the next yet unified by their pride in the term “Berliner”.

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How the aristocrat of salad fruits captured the world.

Avocados have undeniably become one of the favourite foods of the 21st century. From good old guacamole and smashed avocado on toast to avocado ice cream and even avocado chocolate cake, our society has become obsessed with this proclaimed superfood. But where does this creamy green fruit really come from and how did it sneak into every household and corner shop today? I went back to research the origins of the avocado and traced it all the way to the present day in an attempt to learn more about this popular food.

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